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Carbon frame
Pinion Gearbox
No compromise


Building on our DH race origins, the Taniwha blends modern trail bike geometry with the latest gearbox technology and high quality carbon fabrication to crate a low-maintenance 160mm Enduro bike that improves every aspect of the riding experience.

The Taniwha is ready to race, take on epic back country adventures or just to put a smile on your face every time you ride it. No compromises - the Taniwha is like no bike you've ever ridden.




Spoke magazine - a proper ride on the new trail slaying beast

"The forward thinking Zerode Taniwha complete with it's smooth changing gearbox is exciting news in the bike industry, so it stands to reason that Spoke have been gagging to get a proper ride on this new trail slaying beast. Finally we get the chance to give it a once over, and a bit of a ragging if truth were to be told, on the trails of it's home town, Rotorua... Read the Article - The future is now

"The phenomenal suspension performance is not solely a result of the consistent, well thought out kinematics of this design though; it comes from that exceptionally low un-sprung mass... Read the Article


pink bike - The Taniwha and interview with Zerode founder Rob Metz

"Rumors of a Zerode enduro bike have been floating around the scene for a few years... Read the Article


Blister Gear Review - A taniwha in the desert

"Riding down the super irregular rock at Bootleg, the rear end of the Taniwha tracked the ground better than any other bike I’ve ever been on, including full blown DH rigs with perfectly dialed coil shocks... Read the Article