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Everything we do, we do because we believe in a better riding experience.


We believe in thinking differently, pushing the boundaries on & off the bike.

our devotion to challenging the status quo allows us to Offer products that improve the traditional and inspire people to ride their best.


We also ride, a lot.


We design, in Rotorua New Zealand, mountain bikes that inspire confidence, reduce maintenance and increase performance on the status quo.

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Less MAINTENANCE & more riding

600% range of sealed gears that never need tuning & shift better the more they get ridden.

Zerode-6-Obsidian Low.png

More traction = more fun

Rowdier lines, faster corners, more stability in the rough. By having the gearbox central in the frame, it decreases unsprung mass, greatly improving sensitivity which gives you a more compliant & confidence inspiring ride


"The advantages of a gearbox are real. The dramatic improvements in suspension function are unquestioned, as it is near silent & more reactive than anything else on the market."

Trev Worsey - Enduro MTB


"Those who give the gearbox a shot will be rewarded with an almost maintenance-free drive train, instantaneous shifting, & best-in-class suspension performance. This is a bike that encourages you to brake less, land farther down the hill, and ride at your limits, literally all the time"

Xan Marshland - Checkerspot


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Sam rides a Taniwha. He rides its bloody quickly as well. He is currently competing in the EWS & has many good stories to tell.


A devotion to a better riding experience