Bicycle frames and components may be subject to tax and duty when purchased outside of New Zealand. This will impact the final price. We suggest you contact your local Zerode distributor to place an order. If you there is no Zerode Distributor in your area contact Zerode to discuss

Taniwha Update 27/02/2017

The dust has cleared after sending out all of the pre ordered Taniwha and I have a handful of frames left. If you get in now I can have a frame/drive train assembled, packed and on the way to you in a few days

Taniwha Update 16/01/2017

The last of batch one frames are heading out this week, just a few waiting for forks and parts before being sent.

Batch 2 has just arrived. These will be on the way to new owners very soon.

Taniwha Update 08/01/2017

With the arrival of the X2 shocks the last of the first batch are on the way to their new owners.

Batch 2 frames and shocks are due to land in NZ next week and will start to ship soon after.

Pre orders placed now will be supplied in the 3rd shipment which I expect to be ready March/April.

Way to much work and not enough play for me right now!

Taniwha Update 7/12/2016

The first Taniwha have landed and are heading out the door. Still a week or so before the X2 shocks are available so just a little more waiting for those of you that ordered an X2..

The second production looks to be ready Late Dec/Early Jan.

Busy times in the Zerode Garage!

Taniwha update 23/11/2016

Frames, gearboxes, hubs etc are all in the air at the moment. Landing this week so some of you will have your Taniwha very soon.

Still waiting for the X2's from FOX. Fingers crossed I get good news very soon!

We still have a handful of frames up for grabs in the second run. With the pilot run out of the way production should be smooth sailing from here on in. ETA for the second run completion is 18th Dec.

Taniwha Pre Order Update 1/11/2016

There are a lot of unknowns when you get a project like this underway, production QTY is definitely one of them.

On that note, I just sold the last medium frame from the second production run. Any mediums ordered now will go into the third production. I don't have an ETA on this run yet as I need to get the 1 st and second run completed first! My best guess would be Feb/March. I'll update this as I get better info.

For you giraffes out there, you will be happy to know the tooling for the XL is now underway...

Happy trails.


Taniwha Update 18/10/2016

Today I hoped to inform all of you early adopters that your Taniwha frames are completed and ready to send to NZ, then on to you.

I'd love that to be the case more than anyone. But we aren't quite there yet! A pilot production run of frames showed up a small area in the Chain stay that wasn't quite moulding correctly. We need to make a small tweak to make sure it is 100%. The good news is we will not send anything out unless it is 100%. The bad news is it will take about 3 we eks to sort this detail, ETA for completion is now 8th Nov.

I'm sure you believe me when I say we are doing everything we can to get these frames out as soon as we can and provide the best information I have with regards timing…

Having retired my old home built bike and moved on to my Taniwha I know you will love yours when you get it! Thanks for your patience...


Taniwha Pre Order Update 04/10/2016

Not long now and the mythical Maori being known as the Taniwha will be on the trails all over the world.

The best info I had before Eurobike had production locked in for Mid Oct. A nasty typhoon knocked out communication with the factory for a few days, but we are on track to have the framescompleted Mid Oct ish.

Add a little shipping, assembly and transport and all of those that ordered a Zerode Taniwha from the first batch won't be waiting too much longer.

Exciting times…

Taniwha Pre order Update 25/08/2016

Eurobike is less than a week away. I'll be at the Pinion booth with a Taniwha in tow.

While I'm away the pre ordered frames will be on the production line. The factory has locked in a completion date of 16 Oct. A few weeks later than I hoped, but not a bad result considering the number of ducks I needed to get in a row.

A second production is locked in for Nov completion. Any pre orders made now will be in this batch.

I suspect another production run will be required soon after!

Taniwha Pre Order

Wow, we have been overwhelmed by your response to the Taniwha.

Our plan had involved an initial production run of 50 bikes, but we are currently well oversubscribed and the orders keep piling in

We don't want anyone to miss out. We have the ability to ramp up the production numbers to try and ensure that those of you that are passionate about our bike can get one, but we don't want to be left hanging

So we need to separate those that are serious about riding a Taniwha in the next few months from those who love the bike but aren't quite ready to commit.

If you are ready to commit to us we will commit to you. We aren't asking for a full up-front payment, or even a 50% deposit, we just need a holding deposit to show you are serious.

So jump across to the shop and choose "Taniwha pre-order ". Let us know your size, colour, shock and build kit preference and we will reserve your new bike for you. It's worth nothing the prices shown in the shop will be reduced by 15% for any purchases outside of New Zealand. There will likely be some tax/duty costs when the Taniwha is lands at your end so put that 15% aside for this.

The medium size will roll out first, we are targeting Sept to get them out to you. The Larges won't be far behind. XL's are in the pipeline for later this year but we don't have solid dates yet

Once you've ordered we will stay in touch with timelines.

If you prefer old school pre ordering. Here is a downloadable pdf. Fill it and email to