Better, stronger, lighter, faster....

Production 3 is complete and the new generation Taniwha are ready to send out.

All three sizes are now compatible with the Pinion CLine gearbox bringing a significant weight reduction to the Taniwha along with increased ground clearance, built in polycarbonate housing guard and chain ring protector.

The Taniwha just got a whole lot better.

Taniwha Taniwha Taniwha

The 3rd production of the Taniwha is currently under construction and due for completion at the end of May. This will see the introduction of an XL size, with a 475mm reach and room for a long travel dropper post there is now a Taniwha for all. We will also introduce the CLine Pinion gearbox saving a whopping 300 grams. To top it off we have new colours and a few other tweaks that ensure the continuous improvement of the Taniwha...

Not content with re packaging the status quo.

Zerode have gone back to the basics of suspension design. The revolutionary use and placement of a gearbox allowing Zerode to revisit concepts such as optimised wheel path, sprung to un-sprung ratios and mass centralisation. Concepts long ago discarded by the competition because of the limitations of the drive train we all know and hate.

Whether you are privateer pushing hard to compete on the world cup circuit or a weekend warrior after the best suspension available a Zerode is for you….

Taniwha Review

Zerode Taniwha review number two.... The Rodfather was wooed by the Taniwha, now Adam Wright gets to swing a leg over one and give us his thoughts...