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Taniwha have landed! 8/12/2016

The first frames have landed and are heading out to their new owners! Exciting times at Zerode. X2 shocks are still a week so away from shipping so there is a bit of a delay for X2 equipped Taniwha.

The second production run is due to be complete late Dec.

Early next year there will be Taniwha all over the world tearing up the trails!

Not content with re packaging the status quo.

Zerode have gone back to the basics of suspension design. The revolutionary use and placement of a gearbox allowing Zerode to revisit concepts such as optimised wheel path, sprung to un-sprung ratios and mass centralisation. Concepts long ago discarded by the competition because of the limitations of the drive train we all know and hate.

Whether you are privateer pushing hard to compete on the world cup circuit or a weekend warrior after the best suspension available a Zerode is for you….